Carradice And UPSO Bags

Carradice have been making saddlebags and panniers for more than 80 years. In the early 1930's Wilf Carradice first made a saddlebag for himself and discovered it was far better than anything else available. Friends soon asked for copies. By the end of the 30's Carradice were making tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags and jackets too. Throughout the 40's and 50's the bags were the choice of every hard riding tourist or clubman.

UPSO is Carradices sister company and brings together recyclable materials with considered and functional design to create distinctive and unique bags with a stylish edge. The environmental impact of UPSO bags is limited by sourcing materials locally and undertaking the whole process in one Lancashire factory, which uses solar energy to power the sewing machines. The tarps are cleaned, hand cut and sewn into bags ready for customer selection. Further upcycling uses old fire hoses and seat belt webbing as components. Due to the varied previous lives of the the lorry tarps and the way they are selected and processed, no two bags are the same.

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Carradice CarraDura Folding Bike Case

Product no.: Q800022


Carradice City Folder Bag - Black

Product no.: Q800042


Carradice Stockport Bag - Black Cotton Duck

Product no.: Q800024


Carradice Bingley Small Handle Bag Green

Product no.: Q800054